Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things I Hate (An Ever Expanding List)

- unnecessary levels of stress
- unnecessary stressors
- not sleeping
- stuffy rooms
- massive amounts of work
- being tired/exhausted all the time
- falling asleep everywhere
- drama
- midterms
- drums from the upstairs
- bathrooms with little ventilation
- dry weather, and subsequently, dry skin
- work
- studying
- not getting classes that I want to take
- days feeling like Thursday or Friday when it's only Monday or Tuesday, or even Sunday
- Longs for rejecting my time off request even though I don't have a place to live so I can work thus causing unnecessary stress
- raccoons
- pubic hairs on toilet seats or in showers
- nasty hairs in showers
- things falling apart
- lack of cellphone
- lack of cellphone reception
- dirty, sweaty men in my bed
- being hungry
- not having a football team
- seeing penises, boobies, and hairy cooters and things related to that (ie. carpet munching), even if they are just images in a book I'm supposed to read.
- Kresge Core
- Documenting Oral History
- babies


chery said...


I am Katherine. said...

i HATE hair in bathrooms. UGHHHHH college showers are nasty.

things i love:
- gossip girl
- paulina's list of things she hates
- paulina

Paulina said...

i love you too Kathy!!! did you catch the newest episode? OMG. I'm so sad that the snowflake ball one isn't next week, but I'm SUPER EXCITED for that ep.

鄧浩昀 said...

i hate people who do not flush when they are done taking a dump in the bathrooms. it makes me want to puke
keep up the HATE LIST!! haha