Sunday, January 25, 2009


Today was a good day! Lots of good things!
Katherine & Meher came to visit. That was ballin'. Short, but that's okay. Two weeks from now will be raging.
I made new friends because I went to my friend's apartment and played king's cup. That was cool. I made a funny rule. Every time the guys drank, they had to stand up and shake their butt. We played a version that had betting for five which was uncool. You basically have a card on your forehead that you can't see, and you go around the circle saying that you will do something if you have the lowest card (ie. "I will give everyone a hickey." or "I will do a super strikeout."). If you have the lowest card, you have to do it! Luckily, I narrowly scraped out of having the lowest card and having things done to me because I would have cried. (FYI, the ones I chose were "I will show people my butt." That wouldn't have been too bad because I have a nice butt. "I will bite Eugene (my friend)." Also not too terrible because I did not specify where. And in response to Kevin saying he will give me--haha, I just farted--a hickey, "I will pick my nose and flick my booger at him.") Yeah. I don't really want a hickey. And Eugene said that he would do a body shot off me and I don't want that either. Oh and Alyssa, one of the girls BAKED COOKIES. They were kind of small but ooeygooey delicious because they were fresh out of the oven.
Oh, and my friend, Chris, whose apartment I went to started hitting on me. It was very awkward so naturally, I had to start talking shit.

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