Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thank God it's Almost Friday!

This week has been fairly strange. I haven't been able to keep track of what day it is, and all days seem to blend together/feel the same.
Monday, I had a midterm in chem and I was very sure I kicked ass! Yesterday, I got my midterm back, and I did kick ass. 97! I'm so mad though, I'm pretty sure I could have gotten a 100, but oh well. My Asian side is coming out.
Tuesday, volleyball class was canceled because Selene (women's volleyball coach) was sick. I was going to just go back to my apartment and study/do homework, but then I decided fuck it and I went with some people to go play on the sand courts down at OPERS. The level of play wasn't very high because none of us are used to sand, but it was very fun, and it was sort of a bonding activity. I love this class!
Wednesday, I just had class.
Today, volleyball went really well and it was awesome. My serving was ballin'. My passing was awesome, and my hits were KILLER. Ha ha ha. I've been conditioning and doing a lot of rope/footwork, and I can definitely see it helping. I'm jumping a lot higher and getting on top of the ball. It's awesome. I'm so determined to make the team.

UCSC Women's Volleyball 2009!

Also, today, I got my Asian stationery in the mail. You know those ones from Asia that say nonsensical things and are super cute and stuff. I love it!!! I was inspired by my cousin, Jessica, to get some because she sent me a cute letter in a cute envelope and I didn't want to just send back some ugly binder paper. I found this Etsy store, 3.5 Dollars, that sells this stuff for $3.50! What a steal! So I ordered two little cute sets. Yay! I love mail.

This is one of the things I ordered!

I was fairly bored one night and I researched how the post office works. It is such an amazing phenomenon! They have these machines that read handwriting and see the zipcode and where to send it to and stuff. And if you have the address wrong, the machines will correct it for you to what it thinks the location is! And they have dead mail centers where letters go that they can't read and they get scrutinized by people to be sent off. And then if they can't figure it out, the mail either gets destroyed or auctioned off! It's so cool! Wikipedia it!
Despite the semi-blandness of this week, last weekend, Brad and I decided that he is going to come down for Valentine's Day/President's Day weekend, and I am SO SUPERDUPERLY EXCITED. The majority of my apartment is going to be in Tahoe Friday-Monday (I think), so we'll have this room to ourselves and I won't have to deal with the awkwardness of sexiling them the entire weekend. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do about the Thursday and Tuesday that they will be here, but I hope they understand. If not, um, it sucks to be them, I guess. They're not usually in here anyway since they do all their work in the living room, so maybe if the door is closed and stuff they will get the idea. That was probably too much info, but it is a bit of a dilemma and I'm not sure about what to do. I mean, from what I've gathered from various other people about significant others visiting, the general consensus is that the roommates go elsewhere for that duration to courteously give couples time to themselves, so I hope they do the same! I'm not quite sure about what we're going to be doing, but it will definitely involve going to the beach and seeing "Friday the 13th" and exploring downtown/campus and drinking and possibly smoking and whatnot. It should be fun. I'm excited!
Also, I googled sexiled images and this is what I got:

LOL, at this one.

Is this what my roommates will look like?

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