Friday, January 16, 2009


Tonight, I spent a good three hours tutoring someone with their math homework. That is the strangest thing I've ever done. I hate math. I suck at math. But apparently not enough, because I tutored someone in a subject I haven't legitimately taken since my junior year of high school. Strange.

Also, work really sucks. I absolutely HATE my managers. They all have sticks up their asses. One manager has a fucking skyscraper lodged up there. I am not even kidding. I get bitched at for various things that I should not have to get bitched at. Like wearing black pants and black shoes, which is what the dress code is, and about how I am not allowed to wear that anymore. I'm really going to go out and buy new pants and new shoes (specifically, "ones that you can polish") just for a shitty ass job that I work part-time for, right? Because I clearly have an unlimited amount of money which is why I work at your shitty store and deal with your bullshit and condescending bitch attitude even though your job is really no better than mine. Gotcha.

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