Saturday, January 10, 2009

What the Fuck (and Volleyball Shenanigans)

Last night my apartmentmates threw a party with a bunch of random people, most of the people who were there were Anya's people (sister, fuckbuddy, fuckbuddy's sister/Anya's sister's friend, fuckbuddy & fuckbuddy's sister's exchange student, friend, etc.), and by the time I got back with two of my friends, our RA had broken up the party because of excessive noise. My friends left, and I was finishing up some things in my room and starting to wind down to get ready for bed, when one of them called me and said he was coming over. He came over with this guy I knew and hung out with me and Anya's people for a bit until I got really tired around 1AM and I couldn't stay up anymore. (I've been going to bed around eleven, give or take a few, every night for the past week.) I went to bed and tried to sleep with annoying earbuds on through the random bursts of noise. It didn't work too well because I was simply drifting in and out of sleep until someone came in at 2 in the morning. I poked my head over the top of my bed and saw a head of hair and heard a man voice that I didn't recognize, talking to someone (or some people in Elisa's bed).
It didn't make any sense to me because Eli had just gotten a single room so it wouldn't make any sense as to why they would sleep in a triple when they could have a room to themselves and do whatever they wanted, like make fuck and snore and such. I was fairly angry about not being able to sleep and being up past my bedtime so I climbed out of my bed and sat down at my computer contemplating about what I was gonna do. I poked my head into Elisa's bed (she put up a sheet on the side of her bed), and I thought I saw Eli sleeping there, so I got confused again. I looked a second time and I saw that it in fact was not Eli, nor was it Lisa, but it was just some random guy that I didn't know.
Naturally, I freaked out because what the HELL is this DUDE doing in a room that is supposed to be filled with three girls? Why is there some guy sleeping three feet or so away from me, and why is in here in the first place? Why did someone not tell me that they were going to put some random male in MY ROOM so that way I could say hell no, I don't know this fucker? I'm not a fucking hippie; I don't believe in the goodness of mankind. I don't trust people I don't know, and sometimes I can't even trust people that I do know. There is no way in hell that I'm okay with some guy I've never seen before until tonight sleeping in my fucking room. Not to mention I'm a GIRL, and a little Asian one, and up till some OTHER GUY came into my room and woke me up, I was SLEEPING. Does anyone see my dilemma? I don't understand how it's perfectly acceptable to leave a random guy in a room with a girl (possibly two) who doesn't know. I don't care how many people say this guy is okay, or whatever. I don't fucking know him, and I don't want him in here.
So I stormed out of my room and confronted Anya + fuckbuddy about Some Dude sleeping in there and they weren't happy but they got him out. And then I couldn't find my trash can until this morning by Lisa's bed, which is a different story, but I really hate people moving my stuff.
I texted Lisa about Some Dude sleeping in her bed, and then she came in about ten minutes later to grab my air freshener to spray the hallway with. I asked her if she knew that there was Some Dude sleeping in her bed, and she told me that it was chill and not to worry about it, which completely BEWILDERED ME. She put him there, or let someone put him there and didn't bother to check with me to see if I was OKAY WITH IT? At that point though, I think she thought he was still in there. And then she left to go to Eli's.
This morning, I came home from working out and was getting all my stuff together to go shower when Lisa confronted me about kicking Some Dude out of our room, and basically tried to guilt trip me into feeling bad about kicking him out. Also, she couldn't understand why I felt uncomfortable about the entire situation. But everyone I've talked to says that I'm perfectly sane.
So tell me, am I sane, or am I some bitch who kicked some dude out of my room? Because I'm pretty sure my actions were reasonable.

Anyway, on a non-What the Fuck note, I went to the UCSC men's volleyball game yesterday against Grand Canyon with my friends, Ian and Parker, and Parker's friend, Darcy. It was pretty fun. The teams weren't that great, however, SC completely destroyed Grand Canyon. Which means Grand Canyon is really bad. And they are really bad. They couldn't pass a ball, or pass easy floater & topspin serves during serve-receive. I'm pretty sure they shanked half the balls. They missed nearly all their serves. They got blocked repeatedly, and their backrow did not cover their hitters. They even let balls drop in between them! Also, one play, two players (the libero & a ds) just stared at each other while the ball dropped between them, and one of them frantically lollipopped it over into the SC opposite who slammed it down in their faces. Get owned, motherfuckers. But anyway, it was still fun. I want to play more volleyball!!!

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