Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Not going to lie, one of the things I miss the most about high school is volleyball, both varsity & club. I miss having a team of girls who run around retardedly in spandex, talking about random things like wedgies & periods, slapping each others' asses, and grabbing each others' boobs. I miss the adrenaline rush of a perfect pass, digging a seemingly undiggable ball, acing a serve. I miss the feeling of diving on the floor, the perfect hit with an insane amount of top spin, a badass floater serve, being sore after a good game or tournament, stuff like that. So this quarter, I signed up for the advanced volleyball class, which "is open to students
interested in participation in the UCSC NCAA Women's Volleyball team.
It covers information and practice in all aspects of the competitive
volleyball season."
I had my first class today, and it felt so amazing to touch the ball. Of course, I'm incredibly rusty, but it all just felt so natural, except for maybe my swing, which is way off. I know that I will never lose my passing, since I can do that shit in my sleep. I can't even describe the way it felt to move volleyball-like on my feet, contorting my body to pass the ball, diving, etc. I am so excited for this class. I'm excited to be beastly again. Maybe.
Also, I've already made friends in this class, which is BALLIN'.

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Benjamin said...

Has nothing to do with the post (which was good - I wish I were taller to play volleyball), but thanks for the website stuff :P. I'm slowly, slowly picking it up