Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another GREAT Day for Mail!

I got...
- Pantene Pro-V Smooth shampoo & conditioner
- a free Nature's Bounty tote bag & coupon for their vitamins
- a coupon for my free Dr. Pepper
- a card in Norwegian from my mom when she was in Norway talking about how the entire world is dumb without me. Not even kidding. This is what it says, according to Google Translate.
"all others are dumb
the sun is dumb
the trees are dumb
sommerfuglene (summer?) is dumb
the flowers are dumb
marihøna (bee?) is dumb
I'm dumb
without you is all just dumb
the spider is dumb
the birds are dumb
fence is dumb
cat is dumb
donkey is dumb
the world is dumb
this corner is dumb
hare is dumb
cow is dumb
I am even more dumb
love you

Whatver it means,
Mom from Norway"
- a card from my cousin in Virginia
- an Astroglide sample
- two Tempurpedic ads
- an ISV contract



Katherine said...

how does your mom know norwegian?
and i looked up BBW, lolz.

sorry for not seeing your letter in my mailbox before :(

Paulina said...

lol, my mom doesn't. she had someone briefly translate it at the store for her.