Saturday, October 18, 2008

College is Boring

Today, I have nothing to do. At all. I went and got food earlier. Now I'm sitting here listening to the Jonas Brothers while my roommate grimaces. I'm tempted to turn up the bass and the volume out of spite, but I'm a nice person. I am still playing it through my speakers though. I'm not that nice.
I'm considering tinkering with an essay I have due on Tuesday. But I don't feel like it, so I will sit here and flip through music some more.
I tried to be productive and deal with Verizon and Wells Fargo earlier today, but that just pissed me off. I have a half receptive phone and a check that needs to be deposited into a bank account with an unknown PIN. I think when I go home next weekend for Homecoming, I will get another refurbished phone that doesn't restart randomly on me. I can't wait until Verizon comes out with new phones that I like (read: not touchscreen, a separate numeric on the front & QWERTY keypad--either slide out or flip open, with a screen that is big enough to look at things unlike the enV2). And then I need to go to Wells Fargo. The only one here is inconvenient and downtown, aka an hour away.
This has been pointless. More Jonas Brothers!

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Dami said...

ahh i want a new phone but i have to wait one more year. i have verizon too, the choice of phones right now isn't that great :/