Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Mail!

I love my friendsies and such. Yesterday, I checked my mail box and I had FOUR THINGS. One was a package from my mom with a CD in it containing Microsoft Office 2003, the far superior version to Microsoft Office 2007. A postcard from the one and only Natalie A. Tyson with a picture of my Berkeley metalhead friend. Well, he doesn't know it yet, but he is my friend. A little card from my cousin, Jessica! It's super cute and Asian. And a super cute and Asian card/letter from Katherine! Yay!
My dad left for Asia yesterday so I called him before he left so he can get me super ridiculously Asian stationary to write to people with. You know, ones that say like "Song bird get far from heart love him long time no her." Something like that. For now, I must resort to ugly binder paper. I don't even have cardstock (or colorz, for that matter) to make cool cards with. Lame.

Day 25 (10/13/08): Robert the metalhead on the bus in a Slayer shirt who likes the Faceless and didn't know about the Faceless show on November 14th. I had a somewhat awkward encounter with him because I was talking fast and excitedly and a huge spitwad flew out of my mouth and landed somewhere. I think on my backpack. And Chris the Kresge East-residing, Immortal, listening metalhead who I met at Longs!!! )

Total: 21
Legit Total: 15
Not bad :)


Natalie said...

I'm glad you appreciate my postcard. Also, I love that asian stationery.

VaguelyCynical said...

Did you send me mail yet? I will reply if you send me something good!

Also I posted a blog like you told me to. Good job spurring me on.