Monday, October 20, 2008

No Life

The best thing about being SO FAR away at college is that people think I can just drop everything to pop back home randomly on weekdays. Not like I don't have classes or any obligations or anything. Next time anything happens to me, I'll make sure that they come immediately. Not like they don't have obligations or anything, right?

On a random note, or several random notes...
The FedEx guy at Longs gave me a mini pumpkin today!
I found a third tree sitter, hidden mysteriously above me. I always wondered why that orange cone was there. Now, I know why!
I saw a guy on a bike get hit by a car last week! I forgot to blog about it.
In my Documenting Oral History class, there's a girl whose lower half of her face looks like the Joker's. NOT EVEN KIDDING. It even moves similarly. It sort of freaks me out, a lot. I always stared at her oddly in class to try and figure it out. Now I have.
I hate buses and missing them. Yesterday, a bus left me behind. Today, I was more assertive and I banged violently on the door, and the bus stopped and let me on. Then some guy made fun of me. It's not my fault the stop lights don't change fast enough.

Watch this video. It's very insightful.

In fact, check this shit out. Your life will change. Not gonna lie.

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