Sunday, October 19, 2008


One thing I have never understood is why people who are under the impression that they listen to metal think that it's okay to talk down to me when I ask them what type of metal they listen to. Seriously, I had two conversations today that went like this:

Me: Oh hi! You lyk da metalz?
Metalhead Who Thinks He's Such a Badass (MWTHSABA): Yes. (grunt, snott,y rich bitch sort of look)
Me: What type of metal are you into?
MWTHSABA: The GOOD kind. (grunt, snort, more snotty, rich bitch looks)
Me (rolling my eyes in my head): Like what?
MWTHSABA: Like Killswitch Engage, dude. Or Dimmu Borgir! Yeah man, Pantera and shit.
Me: Right.

Are you fucking serious? Are you really going to pretend that you are so elite when the first band you name is Killswitch Engage? You are really going to talk to me, the Gore Princess, like I'm some idiot who doesn't know shit, and tell me that the most metalz of all metalz is Killswitch fucking Engage. You need to be kicked in the dick.
Fucking idiots who don't know shit. Negative metal points for you.

Also, today at Longs I met this fat Mexican guy in a Decrepit Birth. I was like oh hello, fat Mexican, you like Decrepit Birth? Then he told me no. His wife bought it for him in Davenport. I was :(

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VaguelyCynical said...

Yeah, that's a terrible reason to talk down to someone! Whereas I talk down to you because I simply know I am better than you.