Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Epic Mail

I've been expecting a package of Epic Proportions from Brad because he hinted at one. He told me he mailed it Saturday morning so today after my core class, I went to the mail room. I had a letter from Wells Fargo for my Asian self with my Asian debit card. No package slip. I checked the mailing center attendant times, and the person was going to be in at 12. I decided that I would come back and check. An hour later, I came back and I checked! I had a package slip. It said I needed my ID to pick up my package, so I began to sprint back to my room. Halfway there, I stopped because I remembered that I had my ID on me, so I sprinted back. I threw the slip and my ID at the Mailroom Dude, and waited in anticipation. The package slip indicated that it was a small package; however, the box that Brad and I have been using to mail each other things is an average sized shoe box. Not exactly little. The Mailroom Dude emerged with the shoebox, and my excitement increased tenfold. I ran back to my room through the front door to show off my awesome package, then sprinted to my room to open it. This is what I found.

1. Awesome, delicious cookies that Brad baked for me!
2. Stephen King's Insomnia
3. A purple glove from our first doctor's visit together!
4. My swimsuit that I left in his mom's car.
5. Body butter by Yes to Carrots, my new favorite skincare line.
6. A Mach 5 car from Mike, Brad's little brother.
7. A letter<3
8. My green socks that I left in his socks.
9. All five chapsticks (cherry, carrot, melon, mint, & citrus) by Yes to Carrots!
10. Silk pajamas from Brad's grandma that I asked her to make me when I visited back in August!

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VaguelyCynical said...

Your first doctor's visit together? Uh oh!