Tuesday, October 7, 2008

To Supplement GLORIOUS

This is from Johan Hegg's Kodak moment halfway through Amon Amarth's set at Slim's. I'M IN THIS. Well, a part of me is because I am short. Regardless, this moment has been documented for all of history. See if you can find me! Look towards the middle, then move your eyes slightly to the left. Look for the smallest hand, looking like it is poking into a hairy armpit, and THAT'S ME. Fucking glorious.

Day 18 (10/6/08): Yesterday, I was coming home from work on the bus. At a stop before my college, a metalhead got on! He was wearing some obscure black metal shirt. He walked behind me and I didn't really pay any attention because I was stuck next to the window and some stinky guy. The bus stopped at Kresge and I got off, and I made eye contact with Obscure Black Metal Man. I threw up the horns at him and he glared at me. Sadness.
Day 19 (10/7/08): I spotted someone in a Meshuggah shirt during a break from my Aquatic Toxicology class today. He may or may not be metal.

Total: 17
Legit Total: 11

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