Wednesday, October 29, 2008

High School Musical 3

I love it. I'm not going to lie. I saw it last Friday with E-Miller and it was awesome. SO much better than High School Musical, and High School Musical 2 (absolute shit, btw). The music is catchy as hell, but most of all, the choreography is AMAZING. Holy shit, I wish I could dance. And of course, I love romantical cheesiness.
But seriously, I absolutely LOVE Kenny Ortega's work. He's an amazing director and choregrapher. His notable works include "Dirty Dancing", "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", the opening & closing ceremonies for the Atlanta Olympics, and "Newsies", which is how I was "introduced" to him. He also did HSM 1 & 2, but holyyyyy shit, 3 is glorious.
Troy & Gabriella have this waltzy piece on top of the school roof to "Can I Have this Dance", and it is absolutely spectacular!!! I don't know much about dancing, but I know that when I get married, I am SO doing a choreographed dance of immense, breathtaking, awe-inspiring proportions.
Then some of the Senior Year High School Musical numbers are also spectacular like the "A Night to Remember" prom piece. It's cool. I don't know how else to describe it. Also, the costuming is kind of ridiculous, but I really like Gabriella's dress.
And the last bit of choreography I loved was Troy & Chad's "The Boys are Back" dance in the junkyard. Definitely epic. :) They are so adorable! And I loved the two little kids in it as a flashback from when they were kids.

One thing, however, doesn't line up. Troy and Chad keep talking about playing basketball for the U of A which everyone assumes to be the University of Arizona. I mean, that's the most popular U of A. Except the audience finds out that it's the University of Alburquerque. WTF! At the end of the musical/movie, Troy is forced to make a decision about where he's going to college, and he announces UC Berkeley. WTF!! Is that really even a difficult choice to make? Berkeley versus some nearly unknown school? In addition, the University of Albuquerque doesn't even exist! It closed in 1986. I looked it up on Wikipedia. WTF! Now some kids are going to be like omg, I want to go to the U of A to see Chad or whatever, and when they go to apply, they will be HEARTBROKEN. Lame. Except not really. It doesn't affect me in any way.

If you think about it, High School Musical and High School Musical 3 are both very postmodern. It calls attention that it is a musical within a musical. You have people breaking out of the status quo, ie. nerds being dancers, jocks being musical stars, nerds dating jocks. It's very fragmented; storylines don't really connect, but it kind of makes sense as a whole! The whole postmodern she-bang! I love Scotty Catrette.

This is exciting. A light-hearted post for once.


RJ said...

i watched that video.

Dami said...

i wanna watch!!!!!! ahhhh

junexkim said...
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junexkim said...

holy CRAP i was JUSt about to blog about this movie.

i just saw it last night and the whole theater cheered so loud after that whole "U of A" or "other mystery school (BERKELEY!)" thing was resolved. hahah i totally thought U of A was Arizona too, but Albuquerque.. wtf??

anyway. it was amazing & i loved it, cliches and all. the ending was also quiteee good i must say.