Monday, October 13, 2008

Cool, and Not Cool

A few days ago, Joe B. Kim, Monta Vista math teacher extraordinaire, texted me asking me if I was busy around noon today. I said no, because I wasn't, and we went out to lunch today! It was pretty cool. He is very tan. He also drives a white 325i, an e36, that he wants to keep on the DL, though I don't know why he'd do that. He said that one of his friends just gave it to him! And his friend kept it in terrible shape. The paint is peeling and fading, and so are the logos. The headlights are dirty and scratched up. I told Mr. Kim that if he ever didn't want it anymore, he can give it to me. So I hope he does!!!
Anyway, I keep missing the bus, and it makes me really, really sad. :(
Also, all of my roommates think I am very racist because I talk in accents (read: yellow and brown) to Indian people; I dance to dinga dinga dinga dinga (you know, bhangra), and stuff like that. Since when did my life emulate racism? The only way to fix this situation would be for everyone (read: everyone) to come visit, and WE WILL ALL BE BLACK, BROWN, AND YELLOW like a bruise for a few days! Perhaps while belligerantly drunk. Or not belligerant.


I am Katherine. said...

Paulina, I really love your posts. They make me happier for some reason :)

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