Thursday, October 9, 2008


Oh yes indeed. I want the economy to be less shitty so I can afford to buy things from Europe like

without paying close to a hundred dollars for it. It's fucking ridiculous! The sweatshirt alone is 37.98 Euros, equivalent to $52. Add on twenty fucking six Euros, a whopping I kid you not $36, for shipping, and you have a ridiculously overpriced, badass, Paulina-sized Amon Amarth sweatshirt. I hate to say it, but fucking swindling Swedes. Don't they realize that most metalheads are poor bastards unless they have Mommy and Daddy to buy them CDs & shirrts with torn vaginas, eaten penises and whatnot on the front?

Also, I don't understand. How can it cost TWENTY FUCKING SIX EUROS for a sweatshirt to ship? Especially if it's a girl sized one, AKA not as big or heavy. Take a look at this Bloodbath jacket.

It's a jacket. You know, a style similar to a sweatshirt. This one is 30 Euros, or $41, INCLUDING shipping within the United States. They tack on an additional 5 Euros, a mere $8, for shipping ANYWHERE outside the United States. So how can the 26 Euros for shipping be justified. Like I said before... Fucking swindling Germans :(
Anyway the moral of the story is... The state of the economy is sad, like the state of my heart.

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VaguelyCynical said...

You think that's selfish? I got quoted in the campus newspaper as being pretty selfish, lol.
The very end spelled incorrectly.