Friday, October 10, 2008


Yes. Awesome. Ballin'. Cool.
There is a fatty here. And she is disgusting. I think I will throw her out. But I am afraid her cellulite and jiggles will infect me. She keeps showing her asscrack. I want to throw up, and not because of alcohol. I think I will make a new apartment rule. No fatties allowed.

Edit: Holy shit. Fuck the fatty. She's wasted and wailing and crawling on the floor with her pants off. It is disgusting. Everyone is trying to put her to bed so they don't have to deal with it. She is putting a great amount of resistance. I think what they need to do is clobber her a few times so she passes out. Then they can throw her outside for the 'coons. Holy shit. I can fucking hear her and my door is closed and I am dancing by myself to Tyga's Coconut Juice. Jagermeister is the world's greatest liquor. I will go have another shot to rid myself of this horridness.

No, I am not a bitch. I am stating the truth. You would be saying the same thing.

Day 22 (10/10/08): Taylor! I met him on the bus a few days ago actually. He was in a Kreator shirt. He has BIG, POOFY HAIR. He listens to all metal but he likes thrash the best. I am burning him "Swansong". :) Benny. I chased him into a nerd shop (who am I to speak? I listen to metal... and at this moment, the nerdiest metal of all, power metal) because I saw an Anthrax shirt and long hair. He kind of listens to metal. A lot of thrash. Does Santa Cruz just attract thrash kids?

Total: 19
Legit Total: 13

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