Sunday, October 5, 2008


Last night, I went to San Francisco to see AMON AMARTH, one of my most favorite bands.
The Aborted were up first. Nothing spectacular. I got squished against Fatty #1, which wasn't too bad, considering he had cushion. Fatty #2, his friend, was being an annoying fatty. Seriously, his vocabulary consisted of three words & their respective variations: fuck, douchebag, and faggot. And that was what he kept yelling at the Aborted. He continued this through Belphegor. I used to listen to Belphegor a lot. They put on a pretty goodshow, but I don't know. I wasn't too into them.  Then came Ensiferum, which is when it started getting crazy. I got pushed over behind this girl, and I kept getting rubbed on and I felt very awkward. I don't really listen to Ensiferum, so they didn't really matter much to me. They put on a great show though., so that was fun. Then finally AMON AMARTH came on! And it was the best thing ever! I absolutely went crazy even though I was squished. Their setlist was "Twilight of the Thundergod", "Runes to my Memory", "Asator", "North Sea Storm", "Free Will Sacrifice", "Valhalla Awaits Me", "Guardians of Asgaard", "Fate of Norns", "Where is Your God Now", "Where Silent Gods Stand Guard". And then they encored with "Cry of the Black Birds" and "Pursuit of Vikings". It was absolutely crazy and super fun.
After the show, Theo, Heidi, & I waited outside in the rain for Amon Amarth to come out so we could meet them! Little Johan came out first, but then ran into the bus super fast. Ted came out after, and that's when people made their way over. I got his autograph. Then Ollie came out, and he's always hilarious to listen to. I got his autograph as well. And then Big Johan came out! And then I got his autograph too! So 3 out of 5 is not bad, since I have their autographs on pictures & on a CD booklet. The three of us were hanging around chilling, waiting for Frederik and maybe Little Johan. I started talking to Alina, who does lots of band photography and is totally awesome, and one of the road guys, Steve. Then Steve gave Alina and me a five minute hug. It was a little awkward. But it was kind of hilarious. Also, I met Petri Lindroos from Ensiferum and I got a picture with him! Except it's on Alina's camera since mine died.
Best concert ever.

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