Friday, October 31, 2008


How do people get into college? Much less graduate from MIDDLE SCHOOL. I wrote that way as a 5th grader, thanks.
Let me show you writing samples.

This sentence concludes a paragraph:
"There is one instance where Yunior has some sort of power of Magdalena during their anniversary trip; it has something to do with her body also."
This essay is entirely summary. At this point, you shouldn't even try passing it off as one. This essay has two of the same body paragraph, basically. This essay has no conclusion.

This is a paragraph written by one of my peers.
"Throughout the story Maxine is faced with the difficulty of the Chinese language and conforming to the American ways of speaking, acting, and learning. In the story her father says, 'Why is it I can hear Chinese from blocks away? Is it they talk loud?' Thus stating that there is obviously a difference between the Chinese language and American language or the way they converse because he doesn’t hear English like he hears Chinese. In this story, Maxine shows the Chinese gaining power through speaking to one another by raising their voice and speaking loudly over other people or things. She displays some resemblance through Americans in her quote, 'You can see the disgust on American faces looking at women like that.' Maxine shows how Americans don’t use their language as a power between one another. This is a power that Chinese lose when conforming to the American way of life. They must conform to the quietness that is said to be different between the languages leaving the Chinese feeling powerless. Because they feel they must conform in all aspects they lose so much power that they end up being quieter than Americans and are heard less leaving room to be harassed by other Americans."
Let me clarify a few things. The father encounters a bunch of Chinese people shouting at each other in conversation while standing next to each other. Clearly he'd be able to hear the Chinese louder than English.
Chinese people in the story don't gain power by speaking loudly to each other. They gain power through being able to speak at Chinese school, as opposed to being silent in American school. They don't really even gain power because of that; they go right back to conforming. Some power gain, right? The quote about the Americans' disgust is used out of context. Not to mention it makes no sense. The Americans are all WTF! about Chinese people speaking obnoxiously loud, but the quote is irrelevant. Then the author goes on to argue about how Americans don't use language as power. This is why there are so many people who verbally abuse others. No, of course their language is not why some pussy ass bitch got hurt. This is why you can tear people new assholes on internet chat forums. Of course, they are not using LANGUAGE. They're just sticking their fists through the monitor and uppercutting the idiot. This is why you write essays. You are definitely not trying to use your power to persuade others to see your point.

I digress. I am past the point of analyzing how terrible these all are; but being Monta Vista students & smart people, I'm sure you can see what the fuck is going on.
Seriously though, these people don't know what a THESIS is. They don't know how to conclude an essay. They don't know how to analyze. They can't even write a coherent and cohesive paragraph. They can't even quote correctly or effectively.
I hope they drop out and die. Fuck. This has been such a waste of my time.

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